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Alicante Elche Airport is located in the charming town of the same name as the airport. It was located 9 kilometers from the city of Alicante. Most of the courses operated by the facility are international flights. Passengers visiting the airport are usually citizens of Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. Arriving from afar, they need to find convenient parking, Alicante airport offers several thousand parking spaces at quite attractive prices.

Alicante Elche Airport - general information

Alicante Elche Airport is currently the fifth largest airport in Spain. It is a kind of gateway to the Costa Blanca region, serving Venice and the Murcia area at the same time. The facility had 5,841,181 passengers in 2021. The airport has a main terminal for domestic and international traffic known as NAT. The entire building has 4 levels and 26 entrance doors. The property provides its passengers with numerous amenities, including banking services, free Wi-Fi, a lost and found office, numerous restaurants and cafes, and a VIP area. The airport is the headquarters of Ryanair and Vueling. It makes numerous international flights. For tourists from Poland, it is a base for trips to Spain and other countries. In each of these cases, it is worth betting on relatively cheap parking, Alicante airport has many places, and how to reserve it is presented below.

Alicante Airport Parking - What does it offer?

The Alicante airport car park is a fully covered facility that offers up to 4,140 parking spaces. Its maximum height is 2.10 meters. It is recommended that drivers of trucks, taller cars and motorhomes park in the long-term parking area. In addition, there are many places to choose from, as around the airport you can find many attractive areas prepared for travelers. Private companies, although they have parking lots located a little further away, offer a transfer to the terminal building and their employees are happy to help.

The Alicante airport car park has been divided into 4 zones, which include the long-stay, general P1, express and VIP zones. Each of them is described below.

Express Parking

To access the long-term car park, take the ramp towards the departures area and then turn left. Before entering, you must download a ticket. In this area, the first 15 minutes are free, then you have to pay for every 60 seconds thereafter. Payment machines are located throughout the long-term parking lot and at the exit. Parking is an ideal option for people who pick up and drop off tourists. It has 80 parking spaces.

General Parking P1

This is an ideal area for short term parking (up to 4 days). It was located a few meters from the terminal building. It has 2,600 parking spaces. Please note that it is not possible to park a motorcycle on it. The two-wheeled vehicle parking area is next to the long-stay car park. A ticket must be collected before entering area P1. From now on, every minute is paid.

Long-Term Parking

The long-term car park is located a few minutes' walk from the terminal building. Most of the area is covered to protect cars from bad weather. There are designated parking spaces for oversized vehicles and campers on the premises. The price of parking for 1 day is €14, the longer the car stays in the area, the lower the rate for one day. The maximum weekly payment is €50.

VIP Parking

It is a car park located on the 4th floor of P1. The area is directly connected to the terminal. The whole area has a roof. The number of parking spaces available is 390. The maximum rate for 24-hour parking is €21.

Outdoor Parking

Travelers choosing a property can reserve parking around the airport. Many private companies offer parking spaces located in the immediate vicinity of the airport. They give freedom and guarantee the safety of a parked car. External companies are characterized by less restrictive regulations and the possibility of longer parking than in the airport area. Most of the time, leaving the car in a private parking lot is more financially advantageous.

Before arriving, it is worth booking a stopover on the NextPark website. The portal gathers all verified parking spaces. In addition, third-party companies offer the possibility of canceling reservations, 24-hour follow-up and free transfer to the terminal building.

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